Sustainable Development of Water Resources

Impact on Water Resources Industry by GPA membership and the Countermeasure Research

Research on Strategic Countermeasures for the Development and Protection of International Waters

Research on Strategic Reservation of Water Resources

Analysis of the Demand by “Moderate Prosperity Nation Campaign” on the Development of Water Resources

Assessment and Analysis of Water Resources Development Status at the End of the Tenth Five-Year Plan.

Water Resources Reform and Development Research

Strategic Research on Mid and Long Term Development of China Water Resources

Strategic Research on China Drought Fighting Measures

Research on Measures for Boosting Modernization Process of Water Resources

Analysis of Water Management Modernization

Administration Capability Analysis of Water Resources Industry for Achieving the Planned Objectives in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan

Research on the Measures for the Development and Utilization of International Rivers

Preliminary Research on Flood and Drought Disaster Insurance in China

Research on Measures for Urban Flood Control and Drought Fighting

Impact on Water Resources by WTO membership and the Countermeasure Research

Guiding Rules for the Compilation of Mid and Long Term Water Resources Development Program

Research on Water Resources Configuration Optimization and Conservation

Comprehensive Planning of Water Resources in Mianyang City

Research on Measures of Sustainable Water Resources Utilization

Research on Water Resources Development Strategy for 21st Century in Fuling District,  Chongqing City

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