China and EU to enhance water resources management

  The European Union and China vowed to strengthen cooperation over water resources management as the two sides held the first meeting of EU-China Water Policy Dialogue in Beijing on Tuesday.

  A lot of achievements have been made in the long history of cooperation between China and EU in water control. The China-Europe Water Platform, which was established in 2012 during the World Water Forum in Marseilles, France, for example, has attracted active participation of about 1,000 representatives from nearly 20 European countries and over a dozen of provinces in China, said E Jingping, minister of water resources, addressing the dialogue.

  "I believe the EU-China Water Policy Dialogue held here will continue to expand the areas of exchange between the two sides on water sources, deliberate exchange focus and innovate communication approaches to put the cooperation to a new height," he said.

  He called for enhanced exchanges in water governance, especially in conservation and protection of water resources, water ecological restoration, management of water conservancy projects and rural water supply.

  He also called to strengthen the two sides' cooperation in scientific and technological research to help address the shortage of water resources, water ecology damage and water environmental pollution.

  "We need to strengthen our financial support to water-related innovation and establish high level research teams comprising of members from the two sides to conduct joint researches on addressing global climate change, control and risk management of water-related disasters, water resource protection, food and energy security, green development and circular economy," he said.

  "This dialogue will allow us to share information on our progress and monitor the development of our cooperation," said Karmenu Vella, EU commissioner for environment, maritime affairs and fisheries.

  Following the two sides' previous cooperation on river basin management, it's also an opportunity to reflect on ways to facilitate development of innovative water technology for both sides, he said.

  "I am very keen to build on the ongoing cooperation on research and innovation. And I know that my counterpart minister also shares this desire. It will bear fruit," he added.

  He also emphasized that the cooperation is not only for mutual interest of the two sides. "We should always remember in the simplest possible term that water is life. It's essential for nature, for humans, for all economies." (Source: China Daily)



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